Why Birthbone

From the beginning, my life has been enriched by the dogs in it. I volunteer for an animal rescue organization, foster dogs and some of them have never left. I have found a way to combine my art and my canine attachment – to celebrate those great creatures and to give back to them. A fabulous dog trainer and I came up with the idea – a sterling dog bone (or gold by special order) with a 4mm semi precious birthstone – one for each month – to celebrate your birthday, your dog’s birthday or the month that fabulous rescue pup(s) became part of your family. I donate a portion of my profit from each sale to an animal rescue organization for which I volunteer – so when you buy a birthbone, you are helping animals find their forever home. Choose a large birthbone or a small birthbone and pair it with the stone of your choosing from the list and pictures on the following page. Or, choose a small bone without a stone or email me at dakotahdesig[email protected] to create a custom piece for you or someone you love in honor of that special dog. The semi-precious birthstones for each month are shown on the next page. Each Birthbone is hand-made in sterling silver. Each pendant comes on an 18” sterling silver chain.

So help me celebrate the furry creatures who grace our lives and us so much about love.

Shael Barger
Dakotah Designs™